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All games will be played between Monday, July 16 and Sunday, July 22, 2018 at Wear Farm City Park located at 623 Wears Valley Road, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This five year old showpiece is the main park for the City of Pigeon Forge. It houses five 300’ lighted fields, two playgrounds, three shelters, walking trails, two concession stands/restroom buildings and ample parking.


Lodging Options

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This year, World Series attendees have several options when booking accommodations.

Be sure and mention SEAA Fastpitch World Series when booking your accommodations.


The Pigeon Forge area is internationally known for the wide variety of attractions and entertainment nestled in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The history of the town dates back to pre-Revolutionary War with the first business being established in the early 1800’s. More than 10 million people visit the city annually and as an all-American town, Pigeon Forge is an all-American town that dedicates itself to providing Southern hospitality to each of its guests. We have worked with many attractions to secure discounts and offers for you and your team. You can click on our  CONTACT page for their information. While you’re in the area, please visit our sponsors. We know you’ll enjoy them!


If you have special needs, requests or other issues that we may be able to help you with, we would suggest that you first visit for additional information. Should you still need assistance, that cannot be found on this site, please feel free to email us at and someone will assist you as soon as possible.



The Pigeon Forge Parks and Recreation has a lightning prediction system that consists of sensors measuring electrostatic charges at ground level and in the atmosphere. These electrostatic charges, invisible to the naked eye, build prior to lightning occurrences. When conditions indicate that a lightning occurrence is probable, a signal is sent to two alarm horns and strobe lights located at the Wear Farm Football Concession Stand roof. The entire Wear Farm City Park is included within the system’s range. The system is operational during park hours from late March to mid-November.

The following procedures are to be followed when potentially dangerous weather exists:

Warning signal
A Warning Signal (one long 15 second horn blast) will sound and strobe lights will activate when a potentially dangerous weather situation is approaching. The strobe lights are mounted on the top of the Football Concession Stand. If the strobe lights are activated, a potentially dangerous weather situation exists.

Once a warning signal has sounded, all activities in the park will end immediately. If patrons are located within an athletic field complex when the alarm sounds, then one must vacate the fenced-in portion of the park. The athletic fields will be closed until the Lightning Prediction System performs an All Clear Signal, at that time all park activities can resume.

It is recommended that park patrons seek shelter in their cars or a building. Patrons should avoid areas that are higher than the surrounding landscape, they should not use a tree for shelter, and they should keep away from metal objects such as dugouts, bicycles, bleachers, field light poles, umbrellas, etc.

All Clear Signal
The All Clear Signal (three short horn blasts, two seconds apart) will sound, and the strobe lights will deactivate. After the All Clear Signal sounds and the strobe lights deactivate, park patrons may resume their activities.

The Thor Guard System helps assess the conditions. Neither the signal nor the system is intended to guarantee the conditions are safe. If the weather is threatening and no warning signal is heard or seen, use good judgment and clear the field.